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The new album RUFFLED FEATHERS is now available on itunes. This is the first time TINPOTS have done an exclusive digital download album - if you are desperate to get hold of a Cd then please email and one can be made to order - full details of this will be put on theTinpots shop shortly. There are 10 new songs on Ruffled Feathers. It features some new names and some familiar ones - the return of Crispy Horns for starters. See below for who plays on the album...

The track listing is -

Ruffled feathers - the fixer - within - the window's open - no-one's saying anything - it's difficult moving - wait right here - modern - knots - out of the hole


Jon Petter plays Clarinet and Tenor Sax

Becky Found sings backing vocals

Dave Fulwood plays Trumpet

Chris Petter plays T chest Bass and Trombone

Dominic Ashworth plays guitar

Steve Grocott plays mandolin

Edward O'Connor sings lead vocal on the last track - out of the hole

Philip Davis plays guitars, percussion, sings and various other things...

14.7.11 LISTEN to new song from forthcoming album RUFFLED FEATHERS. An exclusive mix of THE FIXER is available to hear at the 61 - listen now

The album is nearly finished and will hopefully be released in sept 2011 - as usual it will be available as a CD from here and download from itunes and all the other usual outlets. More mixes will be posted in the future.

18.4.11 TINPOTS have been busy in the studio again for the last few months recording the next album due for release in the Summer - provisionally titled RUFFLED FEATHERS it features the fantastic CRISPY HORNS and guest vocalists. Other musicians have yet to be confirmed... It is still very much in production but as soon as there are mixes to be had they will be posted here...


08.12.10 The Best of TINPOTS compilation now completed - Dan Webb ( dedicated TINPOTS fan and friend ) has compiled a collection of 16 songs from the last 15 years - full details will be posted here soon and the album will be available to order as a CD or download in the new year. Many thanks to Dan and everyone who sent in their favourirte songs - and to all the musicians who have been along for the ride...the album is called SWEET 16

Don't forget to get your stocking fillers of TINPOTS music right here - the very special offer of the last 4 albums for only £15 inc. postage is now on. PLACE YOUR ORDER HERE

25.11.10 WESTBOUND now available in itunes - follow the links to open in itunes and download the new release now.

06.11.10 WESTBOUND will be available on itunes shortly - you can still buy the CD direct from here with a unique hand printed cover - just £5 with free postage and packing. Click here for more information. You can also DOWNLOAD the title track for free here - this is for a limited time only so get in quick...

18.10.10 WESTBOUND NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY HERE - ONLY £5 inc postage and packing. At long last the new album is now ready to buy - featuring 11 songs - get your copy now...don't forget you can listen to the previews on the player above...FOR A LIMITED PERIOD YOU CAN BUY THE LAST 4 ALBUMS INCLUDING THE LATEST FOR £15.00 including postage and packing - SLUGS, SOFTHEAD, WALK BACKWARDS ON THE BEACH and WESTBOUND - BUY NOW

12.09.10 Have a listen to clips from all 11 songs from WESTBOUND now...more details about release dates and availability to follow.

08.09.10 Sorry for the delay in the release of the new album WESTBOUND - although finished there have been some last minute touches applied which have slowed down the whole process - however we can now confidently say that the album will be ready by October 2010 as a CD and for download by the end of September. Keep checking back as much more info will be addded soon.

21.08.10 The final touches are being made to WESTBOUND - it will be ready for download soon and available as a CD in late sept. It features 11 new songs recorded in the legendary wonky door studios in london UK using some vintage equipment to give a warmth and intimacy to the album. The download will be a pay what you want deal - the cd will be the usual £5. Keep visiting back as more details will be posted here shortly.

08.07.10 Download free track from the new album WESTBOUND to be released in August. The new song is called 'Rise Above'... More details about the album will be posted here - it will be available as download and special edition CD for those who want it. Keep checking back for more details...

18.6.10 FREE DOWNLOADS - the new album is nearly ready to mix - some of the new tracks will be posted for a limited time for free download. While you are waiting why not visit bandcamp and download 3 tracks from walk backwards on the beach...

6.3.10 Tinpots recording - Tinpots are still in the studio putting togther new songs for the next release - hopefully late summer early autumn 2010. Keep up to date with any early demos right here. You can order all the albums released in the last few years from the tinpots shop or download from i tunes.

Don't forget you can order the last 2 albums from itunes as well - we cannot offer the special deal here though...

17/10/09 Walk Backwards on the beach is now available on itunes...don't forget you can download the booklet by clicking here. Details of some gigs will be posted soon. The album is also available on emusic.

20/9/09 - ALBUM AVAILABLE NOW - order your copy of the new album direct from now. If you would prefer a digital download then it will be on itunes soon - keep checking back for full details. Download the booklet for the album here. There are now 4 songs from the album to hear in full - click here to have a listen.

13/09/09 The new album is available to order now from the tinpots shop to be sent out on the 21st Sept 2009. It will also be available as a download on itunes and other well known sites -keep checking back here if you would like that option to find out when it is all up and running.The album booklet can be downloaded here - all the lyrics and information on who performs on which song etc. Visit the beach page here for up to date information on the album...don't forget to keep visiting here for exclusive tracks from the album to listen to.

01/09/09 Click here to listen to clips from the new album. There are 2 full tracks you can listen to by visiting here.

31/08/09 The album is now mixed - check back in the next few days for sampler track and some other previews. It will be available to order on cd very shortly in the TINPOTS shop and on itunes for download. The album consists of 10 tracks and features Piano, Strings, Cajon, Guitars, Trumpets, Trombones, T chest bass - don't forget to go here for more exclusive tracks to listen to...

After months of recording and re recording the new album - WALK BACKWARDS ON THE BEACH is nearly ready. It will be available here this Autumn as a special edition CD. At the beginning of October it will be available as a download off itunes.

8/11/08 TINPOTS music is being featured on an ongoing series of films being made by Daschwah Labs - check out the latest episode here

There is also a new links page with a few sites that interest and inspire.

13/10/08 SOFTHEAD has been getting glowing reviews - read them in full and listen to clips from the album here

11/9/08 TINPOTS hit the homepage of - visit and have a listen to the meaning of years - a great site with loads of other great music on as well. You can visit TINPOTS home page on the site and isten to exclusive tracks and vote ( bump ) for your favourites. Click here to visit TINPOTS on the sixtyone.

10/9/08 - you will soon be able to buy TINPOTS music on itunes - we will keep you posted. New songs are currently being written/recorded -some exclusives will be posted right here so keep visiting.

04/8/08 Many thanks to everyone who came to see us in Regents Park last weekend - we hope that you enjoy the albums - keep checking back for news and updates on TINPOTS music. We are currently recording new songs which will be exclusively available on the

Follow the link to listen to the collection of songs already available...

01/8/08 TINPOTS ON BBC PODCAST WITH TOM ROBINSON - from Monday August 4th for the week you will be able to hear TINPOTS on Tom Robinsons Introducing Podcast which features the best of the show.

NEW SONG OF THE MOMENT - hear an alternative version of OH YEAH

26/7/08 TINPOTS song OH YEAH was featured on Tom Robinson's BBC 6 Music show last week. He said..." I have listened to this song several times whilst preparing the show and it is such a grower - I really recommend another listen" Well you can do just that by clicking here. For a limited time you will also be able to download the song for free.

10/6/08 GET BUMPING - TINPOTS are now part of the fabulous sixtyone. This is a democratic radio station - vote for your favourite TINPOTS tracks, read comments left by our fans and much more - a vote for a song is called a Bump - not a vote really more of a vote of confidence - so if you like the music please visit the sixtyone and get bumping...

02/5/08 TINPOTS to play at festival - it has been revealed that TINPOTS will be playing at a well known festival in london in August - more details will be posted here soon...don't forget to download all the free tracks now available on - just follow the links...

And a message to MAD MATTY - get in touch!

15/4/08 DOWNLOAD 8 special tracks from the out takes of the SOFTHEAD sessions - just follow the link on the left or click here. Don't forget that there are other freebies as well to download - have a good browse around Last Fm and this site and you will find treasure...why not try out the songs from LITTLE FISH for starters...

24/2/08 TINPOTS are now set up on last FM - visit to download 3 exclusive tracks recorded live - and other tracks from the album. CLICK HERE NOW

10/2/08 Click here to listen to a performance of Phil singing a Jon Airdrie song accompanied by Jon Airdrie himself on Guitar and Piano. A truly beautiful song.


Keep checking back for more SOFTHEAD news - downloads, lyric sheets, artwork and more...

18/11/07 SOFTHEAD is now mastered and ready. Visit our myspace page to listen to a couple of tracks from the album while you here for Oh Yeah and Coincidental song

AND A BIG THANK YOU TO GREG CHANDLER at Priory Studios for a wonderful mastering job on the album ...

16/8/07 EXCLUSIVE SOFTHEAD NEWS is now available - this special section features songs from rehearsals and a special mix of Sit on the hill. You can also listen to a sampler of 8 tracks from the album here

15/8/07 Don't forget you can buy SLUGS Only £5

Thanks to everyone who saw TINPOTS on the recent tour - the radio session will be posted on the site soon - plus some pictures and other exclusive recordings!

Softhead should be ready for release in October 2007. Have a listen to the sampler tracks here

17/6/07 New album SOFTHEAD will be ready soon. To give you a taster of the songs click here and listen to some clips of work in progress. SOFTHEAD features 11 brand new songs and will be available to buy online and in selected shops all over the UK.Keep checking back for details.

Have a look at some new pictures of the band live here

19/3/07 Have a look at some pictures of the gig at the Harrison featuring TINPOTS as a three piece.

04/3/07 Songs to download from the album SLUGS. You can now download 4 songs from SLUGS free at Myspace. Go on get them on your ipod and spread the word...if you want to buy the whole album you can by visiting the shop - only £5

29/1/07 READ THE TINPOTS DIARY - this new feature starts with a special poem written by Jamie about the latest gig at the Borderline in London.

21/1/07 Many thanks to everyone who came to see us at The Borderline on the 20th Jan - it was a fantastic evening! TINPOTS will be gigging again soon - watch this space...

02/01/07 Happy New Year to everyone - 2007 promises to be an exciting year for TINPOTS - Don't forget that SLUGS is now available at the cheaper price of £5 including p&p - visit the shop to buy

Listen to recent radio session recordings - live and raw on the new radio session feature.

Watch some films of TINPOTS live

8/11/06 Read the review of a TINPOTS gig by BB Skone - tracks from the recent session with BB will soon be available here. Read review

29/10/06 Many thanks to all who came to see us on our recent tour. There will be lots to see and hear soon - videos of the rehearsals, photos and new mixes of songs. A big thank you to Malcom for his continued support and interest in all things TINPOTS. The session last tuesday was fantastic - this was broadcast on Radio pembrokeshire on the 29th October at 7pm - if you missed it don't panic - we hope to put recordings up here soon.

6/10/06 Recording continues on new tracks - Sean Randle has been working on the rhythm tracks on the new songs - these are hoped to be ready in the coming months and released as an ep in Feb 07. Visit here for exclusive previews soon.

Songs are being recorded for the new EP to be released in the new year. Keep visiting for sneak previews. Join in with TINPOTS at myspace - you will be able to download songs and meet other TINPOTS fans!Click here

TINPOTS are also going to feature on a special session with BB Skone on Radio Pembrokeshire - details of the broadcast will be published here. 15/9/06 Tinpots Best of the Best Podcast on Radio 1 thanks for all the votes!

8/9/06 Hope you enjoyed the Podcast and show on Radio 1 this week - see below if you missed can download the featured song SLUGS from Radio 1 - download SLUGS for free

Slugs was featured again on BB Skone's show describing the music as - 'Gorgeous,lush,sensitive songs" Listen to the show online on Sundays from 7pm - BB Skone show

20/8/06 Radio Pembrokeshire session - welcome to visitors from Pembrokeshire and beyond...hope you enjoyed the exclusive session on the BB Skone show. For clips off the album click here - for more music click here To get the answer to the competition click here. Don't forget to watch the video of Hold my soul...If you want more information please contact tinpots and we will be right back in touch. And finally if you want to buy the album then click on the shop above...thanks for listening.

Tinpots chosen as Pick of the week in Time Out London - the gig this sunday is a music must see this week - "Former Time Out favourites of 1998 TINPOTS return to showcase fine new album Slugs at Blackheath halls on Sunday. Expect trademark folksy ennui now sharpened by a prodigiously funky bite." So...who are TINPOTS