Welcome to the TINPOTS diary - here you will be able to read the thoughts and stories from members of the band.

JAN 20th 2007


It happened on the 20th

The Tinpots super gig!

They played the venue 'Borderline'

It was a right Shindig!

They had to get prepared

It took nearly a day

To practice, then have lunch -

Some bread and yeasty fart pate!

Phil and Jon were busy

Making 'Baby' sound like a God!

It took some elbow grease

And a small but useful truss rod

Then Nicky came to join them

With Pretzels and a grin

She showed them all with pride and glee

Her electric violin

They caught the train to London

It wasn't very far

And when they got to 'Borderline'

They marvelled at the Tudor Bar!

They arrived in time for Happy Hour

The drinks were 3 for 2

It wasn't long before they all

Were rushing for the loo!

They met a friendly band that night

Their name was Silvermaker

They introduced themselves to all

And said they were on later

The soundlady was great

And helped them find a groove

And when they started playing

They saw the crowd begin to move

Everybody loved it

And the crowd were shouting "More!"

The Headmaster played his Air guitar

And the pissed guy sat on the floor

I'm near the end of this ditty

And I'm welling up with pride

For I'm a part of this 'Super Group'

Just one of the Tinpots 5!