SLUGS is the title of the new album - here you will find some fascinating facts about these slimy little creatures...

Name - Slug (Arion Lusitanicus)

The slug can grow up to 15 cms and travels at 0.007 mph. It is a hermaphrodite producing over 100 eggs per year. It loves dark wet places and a plentiful supply of tatsy green plants.It loves beer and cabbage.

It has an amazing 27,000 teeth!

Slugs like to come out in the cover of darkness. They were originally creatures of the sea and need the moisture. Often the only trace you'll see of them is the slime trail in the morning.

They can be very irritating in the garden - especially if you are growing lettuces and other green tasty salad leaves. But fear not - they have many enemies including frogs,badgers and many species of bird.

So there we are - a few interesting facts about Arion Lusitanicus

Down the garden in a hole in the ground

Slimy creatures they keep fooling around

Searching out for the lettuce leaves

Squirming back - as they please